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Facebook Messenger on iOS now supports 3D Touch - rahul1117_kumar - 07-14-2016

Facebook Messenger app’s latest update for iOS bring support for 3D touch for iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus. The main Facebook app has featured 3D touch for some time now, Instagram was one of the first apps to support 3D Touch.

Facebook Messenger’s new update will allow users to preview contacts, conversations, photos, videos, stickers, links and locations using the pressure sensitive screen.

The main highlight of the launch of the iPhone 6s/ Plus in 2015 was the 3D touch – giving users features to “peep” and “pop” on an image, link, etc. The new feature received mixed reaction from users, some applauding it while other finding did not very useful.

Apple had hoped that developers would find immense use for this feature in their apps, but progress has been slow. Even though apps like Twitter, WeChat, Dropbox, Pinterest and Instagram support 3D touch – app makers haven’t put the entirety of their focus to build around this feature.

However a lot that will change with iOS 10, where 3D Touch gets a lot more use with notifications become bigger on the locked screen, a lot more interactive as well.

Facebook Messenger getting 3D Touch update was long due, although we must point out that the feature appears to be working only at an icon level, and not inside the app. We tried the ‘peek and pop’ pressure touch for links shared inside Messenger app on iPhone 6s, and nothing happened. Hopefully these will start working soon.