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Skype comes to Linux, Chrome and Chromebooks - rahul1117_kumar - 07-15-2016

Microsoft has announced that it is bringing Skype, the popular video calling and messaging app to Linux, Chrome and, Chromebook devices. The Linux version of the app is currently in the Alpha state while the company actively works on the development. A stable version of the app will be launched once the bugs and issues are worked out in the App. The alpha app only offers audio calls along with the ability to add contacts, instant message and use of new emoticon packs. Even though the app only supports 64-bit Linux and lack of screen sharing, there is only so much that can be expected an Alpha software. The video will come soon according to Microsoft Corporate Vice President Gurdeep Pall as reported by saudigazette .

The company further announced that Chrome and Chromebook device users can go to and start using the web version of the app. Even though both Linux, Chrome, and Chromebook are really web apps (for Linux it is WebRTC client) but all versions sport Skype’s next generation calling architecture. The company has promised to “release an update every two weeks or so”. The promise of regular updates comes after the company did not update the previous Skype app in last two years.

Microsoft again emphasised on its commitment to Linux and Chrome. Linux, Chrome and Chromebook support is part of the bigger strategy by Microsoft. The company is focusing on providing their products across multiple platforms instead of just being limited to their only platform to reach out to as many as users.