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Snapchat applies for new patent to integrate object recognition based photo filter - rahul1117_kumar - 07-18-2016

Snapchat has filed for a patent application to integrate a new augmented reality feature in the app. Primarily for advertising purposes, the patent application talks about merging sponsored filters within the app, which would recognize objects and overlay it with corresponding information.

Essentially, the patent-pending feature application would be a visual equivalent of advertising space and sponsored content on the app. The patent application defines the feature as an “object recognition based photo filter.” The patent application states, “Third party entities (e.g., merchants, restaurants, individual users, etc.) may, in one example embodiment, create photo filters for inclusion in the set presented for user selection based on recognition of an object satisfying criteria specified by the creator of the photo filter.”

For instance, an advertiser can pay to promote a brand or product, and accordingly Snapchat would add a corresponding object recognition filter to it. So if a brand applies to advertise a lipstick, when a user would pan on that particular lipstick/brand, the app will overlay it with the an advertising information on the same.

Further, the feature would not only serve helpful for advertisers and merchants, it would allow users to add labels, drawings and other artwork to images by providing a compelling way to personalize the photos and stories. These photo filters will be presented to users for selection and use with the images based on a recognized content of the photograph. The new feature in question will, in a way, enhance the existing Geofilters in the app, which offers users image overlays based on their location.

Snapchat in the patent application explains it with an example, for instance, a user clicks a picture of the Empire State Building. The new feature would recognize the structure and after recognition when the user would swipe left and right it will provide them with maybe an image overlay of King Kong.

Effectively, the patent-pending feature would work on the same lines of the filter masks and Geofilters that the application already has, but the new feature will serve basically two more purposes. One, it would take the augmented reality integration on the app to the next level, two it will attract a lot more attention from brands and advertisers to the app, eventually increasing Snapchat’s revenues.

The patent was application was filed by Snapchat with US Patent and Trademark Office last year in January, however, the patent office published the application only earlier this month.