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Rajinikanth’s Kabali to dethrone Salman Khan’s Sultan, shows booked till Sunday - nairrk - 07-19-2016

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Will Rajinikanth’s Kabali prove to be the new Sultan of box office? All shows of the film are booked from July 22 till Sunday, July 25.

Rajanikanth’s Kabali will be the film which will dethrone Sultan. Salman Khan, who has had a two-week run at the box office, is all set to lose his crown once Thalaiva’s movie arrives.

In the US, Rajinikanth’s Kabali was sold out within two hours. The film is releasing in 400 theatres there. Back home, the scene is no different. Theatres in Chennai reported that there is such demand for tickets, supply can barely keep pace.

[Image: sultan_box_office_759.jpg]
Salman Khan’s Sultan has been doing great business at the box office.

Kabali releases on July 22 and the film’s advance booking began July 15. Reports said Chennai’s SPI Cinema, which is playing the film on its 27 Chennai screens amounting to 96 shows per day, has already sold all tickets for first three days.

Bookings opened on Monday morning across other theatres like Abirami (16 shows) in the city and by 10 am, tickets for the first three days have been sold out, according to a Firstpost report. Social media is filled with requests from fans to theatres to check when they are opening bookings.

While tickets cannot exceed Rs 120 in Tamil Nadu as per government order, neighbouring Karnataka and Kerala are reporting that tickets are priced as high as Rs 600. Not that it is deterring the fans who are ready to pay any price to watch the film on first three days of its release.

In term of numbers, Kabali is releasing in 12,000 screens, which is double the number of Sultan’s. Kalaipuli Thanu, the producer of the movie told India Today that Kabali will make Rs 200 crores in the first three days.

“Go to Mumbai and try to purchase a ticket of Sultan it would have cost you Rs 1500 , now you go to Bangalore and say Kabali, you will pay Rs 1500 per ticket, but let me tell you that in Tamil Nadu with just Rs 120/80 and 50 a ticket we will bring in 200 crores. So imagine what will happen then? We will be collecting ten times more than Sultan,” the producer told the website.

Watch: Kabali trailer

The fact that the film is coming out on 1,000 screens in north India and has been dubbed into Hindi will play an important role. Sultan has earned Rs 260 crore till Sunday and is still going strong. With no big Hindi release forthcoming, the film was on solid footing. Salman and Rajinikanth are both superstars, that’s why this epic clash is something to be watched out for.