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Killer apps that heavily drain your smartphone battery - rahul1117_kumar - 07-20-2016

Smartphone battery is a very sensitive and touchy issue for many mobile phone users.

No matter how good your phone is, if the battery starts giving you a tough time, there is nothing that can compensate for the irritation.

Sometimes you might have noticed that you have fully charged the phone but the battery wears out very quickly despite the fact that you haven't used the phone much.

The main reason behind draining of battery are the background apps that keep running. Here are the killer apps that heavily drain your smartphone battery.

Social Media Apps

We can't think of a smartphone without having a social app. But the fact is that these apps are real battery drainer. These apps keep sending notification all the time which takes a huge toll on the battery. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are all battery killers.

Gaming Apps

Though game lovers would not love this, but the truth is that gaming apps are also huge battery drainers. Apps like Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga could really drain your battery hugely.

Photo editing Apps

If you are a photo enthusiast, you must be very cautious while using the photo editing softwares. These apps are very heavy and are not very friendly for the battery life.


Watching a video could drain your battery life in the fastest way. This does not mean that you would stop watching them but be ready to drain your phone's battery on videos.


It is advisable that you have one email and get it synced with your phone. Make sure that this is the main email that manages all your account. Believe it or not, keeping many emails synced to your phone is a real battery drainer.