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Sony launches GT4D and V44D party audio systems - rahul1117_kumar - 08-01-2016

Sony’s has launched its new portable home audio systems- GT4D and V44D featuring Dolby digital sound. The speaker systems feature Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity to enhance ease-of-use for mobile devices, PC and Mac users. Consumers get an option for AUX input, DVD, and USB. The devices also have built-in FM and LDAC capabilities. They can be controlled remotely through Sony’s in-house SongPal app.

The V44D is a one-box speaker with an inbuilt handle to help carry it around. The GT4D, which is much bigger in size is equipped with wheels and a pull-out handle like a towable suitcase. The sound output for the GT4D is 1600W, and for the V44D is 660W. Both speakers are equipped with LDAC and DSEE features. DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) is designed to up-scale compressed music content, while LDAC enables transmission of Hi Quality Audio even over Bluetooth.

GT4D’s intelligent sense feature supports pre-defined gesture control that can take the user directly to the menu or the music player. The system also users to set some personalised gestures of their own. It is possible to skip tracks by flickering left or right and by manage the volume with an up and down motion. The V44D is equipped with motion control that can drive a smartphone’s motion with a simple left and right shake to change tracks; play and pause favorite tracks and also manage the volume control.

Users can operate a USB music list from a distance by connecting to the SongPal App. This application concept is called ‘Smart remote commander’ and is supported by Android and iOS devices. Both speakers have a USB and HDMI output, and support a Karaoke system.

Both audio systems comprises of Songpal DJ function enabling customers to add effects to music like voice, music and lighting. The app can be installed in the devices and controls DJ effects using smartphone. It also encompasses of one touch connection offering and listening via one’s smartphone.

Sony’s GT4D audio system is priced at Rs 50,990 and the V44D at Rs 29,990.