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Eenadu Television launches ETV Telugu HD - THAKUR 4K - 08-02-2016

Ramoji Rao-promoted Eenadu Television has launched the high-definition (HD) version of its Telugu general entertainment channel (GEC) ETV Telugu.

Priced at Rs 40 on reference interconnect offer (RIO) basis, ETV Telugu HD has initially launched only on cable TV platforms like Siti Cable, InDigital, Nandyal Communication Network, SCV Tirupati, Krisna Teja Tirupati, Shree Communications Ongle, and Kurnool Mahalakshmi.

It is also available on headend-in-the-sky (HITS) platform NXT Digital. Eenadu Television distribution head Ch Chowdari said that the channel will be added on Hathway Cable & Datacom soon.

Hathway is the biggest player in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

He also said that the channel will be launched on direct-to-home (DTH) platforms once there is sufficient bandwidth.

“We should be available on DTH platforms by the end of this month. They don’t have sufficient bandwidth to add new channels.

Once the bandwidth opens up, we will be added on DTH platforms also,” he stated. Chowdari stated that the commercial negotiations with MSOs will begin soon.

MSOs in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are yet to begin HD packaging.

ETV Telugu offers a variety of shows including drama, non-fiction shows, reality shows, news bulletins, devotional programs, movies and music-based shows.

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