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Sun TV Network bags KPL TV rights; Mantri Developers is title sponsor - Mr.Bhat - 08-18-2009

BANGALORE: Sun TV Network Ltd. has snapped up the five-year telecast rights for the Karnataka Premier League (KPL).

Sun will be broadcasting the event on its Kannada news channel Udaya Verthegalu. As per the agreement, the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) will get FCT (free commercial time) on Udaya.

“Sun’s Udaya brand has the most number of Kannada channels. I am confident that as time progresses the returns from the Udaya FCT will also go up,” says KSCA Secretary Brijesh Patel.

KPL could well become a Rs.1 billion-plus property over the next five years. After pulling in Rs 350 million from the franchisees, the KSCA will also be getting revenue from the FCT on Udaya.

Realtor Mantri Developers (Mantri) will pay Rs111.1 million for five years for the title sponsorship of the cup, which will be called the Mantri-KPL cup. The logo will be submitted by Mantri to the KSCA shortly for approval.

Other co-sponsors will be announced in a couple of days, according to Patel.

Coincidentally, the title sponsor for the larger Indian Premier League (IPL), on which the KPL has been modeled, is also a realtor – DLF.

Says Mantri CMD Sushil Mantri, “We expect the same measure of success for the KPL as the IPL. I expect a higher overall interest in Karnataka for the KPL than the IPL.”

The inaugural 31 match Twenty20 KPL, featuring eight zonal teams, will be held from 9-24 September, with six day-time matches planned in Mysore and the rest in Bangalore.

Two matches per day will be held in Bangalore, the first one between 3.30 pm and 7 pm, and the second one between 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm. The inaugural match in Bangalore, however, will be held a little earlier and will followed by the inauguration. The timings are subject to confirmation from the broadcaster, informs Patel.