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David Beckham Launches Football Shoes - Sathish - 03-09-2009

David Beckham received a huge welcome in Italy when he arrived for the launch of new football shoes at a store. Beckham was in Milan to unveil the Adidas' new Predator PowerSwerve DB boot. Thousands of fans gathered around to catch a glimpse of their favourite star.

Beckham, 33 was wearing the AC Milan training top and generously signed autographs on football shirts, boots for his fans. The crowd has plastered 'I Love You Beckham' posters with kisses and hearts on the wall. The crowd stunned the soccer star, who is in town on-loan from LA Galaxy.

"It's fantastic. I did not expect so many people. Since I've arrived, it's been wonderful," the Daily Star quoted him as saying.

"When I arrived, they told me that I was coming to Milan for publicity. Instead I came and I love playing in this team. Being in a club like this and the experience is so positive, not only inside but also outside," he added.