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Wenger: Football could be next - Sathish - 03-09-2009

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is extremely concerned that football could be the next target of a terror attack.

Having witnessed the Sri Lanka cricket team being fired at in Pakistan, Wenger believes football as a global support could attract terrorist organisations looking to generate publicity for their cause.

The Frenchman himself has come close to threats from fundamentalists. During his stint in the J.League coaching Nagoya Grampus Eight in 1995, the Tokyo subway bombings took place. And Arsenal were also placed on high alert two years ago when traaces of Polonium-210 were found at the Emirates.

Wenger is worried that after the attack on the sub-continent, football could be the next sport to be targeted.

Wenger told News of the World: "Football has not been attacked but you wonder why not. Sport has become a major world famous thing and it's good for attracting attention. It makes me wonder because in England it's more and more difficult to get a police escort before games.

"The police just refuse, especially in London where it's more difficult. We've had alerts before games we have played at home. We kept it quiet as much as we could - at the time it's nothing, you find a bag in a stadium that somebody forgot.

"You rely on the internal security of the country where you are. I remember when I was in Japan I had that problem as well. We had a group who put sarin gas into the subway.

"They had already bought helicopters from the Russian army and they wanted to spread this gas over the whole city. Many people died."

While the threat of terror remains a predominant problem for sport, Wenger is defiant that he and his squad do not live in fear of an attack. Clubs like Manchester United employ bodyguards to protect their players on away trips at home and abroad. The guards will also patrol the team hotel the Red Devils are staying in.

He added: "Am I surprised that football has not been targeted?

"Yes, but we are a business with as few people involved as possible and that's how I want to keep it. I do not want security."