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Sony Liv to launch short-format web series with Vikram Bhatt - nairrk - 09-09-2016

[Image: screenshot_www_televisionpost_com_2016_09_09_09.jpg]MUMBAI: Sony Pictures Networks India’s digital entertainment platform Sony Liv has joined hands with Bollywood director Vikram Bhatt to launch a short-format web series titled ‘Once Upon A Time with Vikram Bhatt’.

The 104-part web series, which has gone live today, will see Bhatt narrate his own short stories on camera. Sony Liv is targeting millennials through this series, which will be only in English.

The series will be released on Sony Liv’s web and mobile platforms every Monday and Thursday. It will also be released on its YouTube channel. The platform has not yet roped in any sponsor; however, it hopes to get sponsors on board as the show progresses.

Vikram Bhatt is an Indian film director and producer with movies like ‘Ghulam’, ‘Raaz’, ‘1920’ and latest upcoming movie ‘Raaz Reboot’ to his credit. He is also known for writing and sharing short stories tackling themes as diverse as mythology, horror, detective fiction, social issues, interpersonal relationships and wisdom on a daily basis.

SPNI EVP and head of digital business Uday Sodhi said, “We, at Sony Liv, have always endeavoured to curate and present the best and most relevant video entertainment options for our diverse viewer base. The launch of ‘Once Upon A Time with Vikram Bhatt’ underlines this approach. With Vikram’s stories gaining major traction on social media platforms owing to their novelty and relevance, we decided to present them in a video-based format in order to add to the entertainment options available to our viewers, and to introduce a new form of storytelling to the new-age millennial audiences. We are confident that Sony Liv users across the country will appreciate the addition, and will enjoy these moving, thought-provoking stories being narrated by Vikram himself.”

Bhatt noted, “Sony Liv has emerged as one of the most popular and powerful platforms for media consumption for a large number of young, tech-savvy audiences. Besides the flexibility and intimacy in viewing that the digital destination offers, it has also become a robust hub for alternative, engaging and socially eloquent entertainment. I’m pleased to take my stories, which have so far been a medium of personal expression, to a larger viewer base with Sony Liv. It has given me immense freedom to tell my new-age and contemporary stories to a larger set of audiences.”