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Bobble Keyboard launches globally - nairrk - 09-14-2016

[Image: hgKX3mx.jpg]NEW DELHI: Bobble Keyboard, the selfie-based sticker app has been launched globally after it received good response in India. The app company claims that in less than 15 months of its India launch, the app has been downloaded more than 6 million times.

The app allows users click a selfie with real-time personalization of content and get stickers with their face.

Bobble also introduced its keyboard allowing users to send stickers while chatting on Whatsapp, without switching between apps.

The app adjusts the expression on faces to match the emotion of the sticker, face tone, sticker body and theme. It further allows users to customize text in any language.

"We have integrated our technology into Chhota Bheem Game on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We are working on partnerships for product integrations with top players in domains such as messaging, social networks, 3rd party keyboards, handset manufacturers, dating apps etc," said Mohd. Wassem, Cofounder, Bobble.

The app was launched in March 2015 in India and its content can be downloaded from 'Bobble Store'.