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Country's first ever musical mob presented by channel V - Mr.Bhat - 08-22-2009

MUMBAI: They came, they entertained and they dispersed. If you were the lucky one to be at Phoenix Mills today you would know what we are talking about. Creators of many a first, the all new Bloody Cool Channel[v] left Mumbaikars spellbound as it presented the country's first ever Musical Mob which was indeed BLOODY COOL!

It all happened in a matter of some seconds. A bunch of over 50 cool & hip youngsters took the onlookers at Phoenix Mills by surprise as they came and danced on a popular Hindi dance track. The performance which started off with a couple of people had over a few seconds' hoards of enthused youngsters joining in. The excitement in the air was so contagious that everyone present couldn't resist and soon became a part of the Musical Mob.

This Musical Mob that left the crowd at Phoenix Mills awestruck highlighted the change that Channel [v] is undergoing. Starting August 22nd Channel[v] will present its viewers an all new Channel [v] which is Bloody Cool, with a fresh line up of shows and refreshing new VJ's. VJ Manish who was present to witness the hysteria considered himself fortunate to capture the glee on peoples faces as they caught a glimpse of country's first ever Musical Mob.

If you were not one of the lucky ones to be present at Phoenix Mills, fret not. The Musical Mob will hit the city tomorrow as well. So think twice before you blink. You might just miss it.