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DataWind to launch low-cost 4G handset before Diwali - rahul1117_kumar - 09-22-2016

Low-cost handset maker DataWind will roll out a 4G mobile handset at an entry level price of Rs 3,000 before Diwali next month.

"Our 4G handset should come out soon and we are trying that it should come out before Diwali," Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO, DataWind told PTI today.

The company, which had been manufacturing ultra-low cost tablet, has plans to launch three variants of 4G smart phone and their price range will be less than Rs 5,000 a unit.

"The entry level price of our 4G smart phone will be Rs 3,000 and we will keep the price of the models within Rs 5,000," he said.

The handsets will come out with 1 GB, 2 GB and 3 GB RAM with internal memory of 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB, Singh said adding that the 4G mobile handsets would have almost all the features which other smartphones have.

"Moreover, we shall offer internet browsing for one year free of cost on our 4G handset," he said.

Asked whether the company will be making profit out of low-cost 4G handset, he said that he would aim at 10 percent-margin on sales.
The handsets will be manufactured in its plants at Amritsar and Hyderabad, Tuli said.

The company is already having smart phones starting at Rs 1,500.

Tuli further said his company has applied for licence under virtual network operator policy to offer data plan at Rs 99 for unlimited browsing.
DataWind claims to have market share of 76 percent in country's tablet market which is priced below Rs 5,000.

Meanwhile, DataWind today rolled out a mobile app 'Virasat' in association with Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle and the application.

"Virasat will help close the gap of the existing lack of knowledge on Sikhism and digital divide on education between those that have access to technology and those that don't," said Tuli.

DataWind to launch lowcost 4G handset before Diwali