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Netflix firms up six new animated series for kids - nairrk - 10-10-2016

MUMBAI: Internet TV network Netflix has announced the addition of six new original animated shows which provide storytelling for kids of all ages.

The new series (Lego Elves, The Hollow, Kibaoh Klashers, Robozuna, Treehouse Detectives and Super Monsters) will look to take viewers on rides and adventures that are sure to captivate young audiences everywhere.

In ‘Lego Elves’, viewers will be transported to a magical yet dangerous forest as a group of humans and elves team up to protect their worlds from a wicked goblin king.

In ‘The Hollow’, strangers-turned-friends scavenge through a surreal mystery world as they desperately search for a way back home. Kids can seek even more thrills as they root for a heroic car-racing beetle in ‘Kibaoh Klashers’, and join a quest for freedom in Robozuna, where a teenage boy and his homemade robot fight to take down an evil empire.

The youngest Netflix members will also get in on the fun with two new shows debuting for preschoolers next year. In ‘Treehouse Detectives’, they will navigate and solve nature’s mysteries alongside a curious duo of brother-sister bear investigators.

In ‘Super Monsters’, they will meet a kindergarten class of playful young monsters who are learning to master their seemingly untamable super powers through simple readiness skills.

“At Netflix, we celebrate creativity and love sharing stories that expose kids to new and inspiring worlds. We work with the best storytellers in the industry to craft shows like these that unlock children’s imaginations,” said Netflix director of global kids content Andy Yeatman.

‘Lego Elves’ picks up with its hero character Emily Jones as she returns through the portal to Elvendale with her little sister Sophie. After charming many of the Elves upon her arrival, Sophie is taken by the cruel Goblin King and his evil minions. Emily and her cast of Elf friends head deep into a magical forest to save her sister and free Goblin Village from its tyrannical king. It will launch worldwide on Netflix in 2017 with eight episodes.

In ‘Robozuna’ an orphaned 14-year-old boy, Ariston, and his homemade robot friend, Mangle, attempt to free their oppressed nation from an evil empire and its legion of robot centurions. This is a new animated kids series from UK’s ITV Studios.

Robozuna follows Ariston and Mangle’s quest for freedom and the unending clash of good over evil. Filled with epic battles and unpredictable obstacles, Robozuna tells a story of teamwork and self-discovery through the hardships of finding your way home. Fans can join forces with Ariston and Mangle as Robozuna debuts around the globe in early 2018, and in the UK after its premiere on CITV.

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