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Google app to soon get a ‘lite mode’ aimed at reducing mobile data usage - nairrk - 10-20-2016

We have already seen the likes of Facebook introduce a lite version of its app that is aimed at emerging markets like India. This app reduces the amount of mobile data consumed and also works in areas where there is iffy network connectivity. Now it seems Google is following suit. After adding a lite mode to its News and Weather app, Google is reportedly adding a similar mode to the Google app. The lite mode is reportedly said to be rolling-out this week to users in India, followed by Brazil, Indonesia, and other emerging markets in the coming months.

The Lite mode will cut down on the mobile data used by toning down the resolution of the images and videos, and also trim the content to only show what is necessary. Google says that the Lite mode will help in saving up to a third of mobile data. The new feature will be implemented in the most recent version of the Google app version 6.7.13. The Lite mode can also automatically detect when your smartphone is running low on data network. However the feature is still in the beta mode and will not be accessible from users as of now.

Lately many companies have been taking a step forward to save users’ data. Facebook is reportedly adding a new feature to its Facebook Messenger, which will allow users to switch the app to a data-saving mode. Much like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger will also introduce ‘click to download’ option for images and video. It is also worth mentioning that the Data Saver mode only works when the device is being used on cellular data and this is applicable for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger as well as Google. Facebook is currently testing the feature on the beta version of its Android app.

Facebook has also launched a Lite version of its app called Facebook Lite. This app was light on the storage with only 1MB in size, and was optimized to work on 2G speeds. The app lets offers basic features to users like sharing status, images and messaging.

Opera Max too boasts a data-management feature, which saves data even when watching videos on YouTube. Line messenger too has a lite version, called Line Lite, which is optimized for slower networks. The messenger comes with features such as the ability to send and receive voice messages, dedicated image viewer to check out photos you’ve received as soon as they arrive and usual texting with your friends in your contact list.

Even e-commerce companies like Snapdeal and Flipkart have taken steps to help their consumers save data. Flipkart and Snapdeal launched Flipkart Lite and Snap-lite respectively. These versions are optimized to load faster on slower networks like 2G.