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MIB issues 26 new provisional MSO licences.. - nairrk - 12-09-2016

MIB issues 26 new provisional MSO licences; Nagesh Chhabria-owned BRDS’ DAS licence revised to pan-India

MUMBAI: Nagesh Chhabria-promoted Bhima Riddhi Digital Services (BRDS) has got a digital addressable system (DAS) multi-system operator (MSO) licence to operate across India.

The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) has revised the area of operation of BRDS to pan-India.

The MSO’s permanent registration was earlier for digital addressable system (DAS) Phases I, II, III and IV except Phase II cities in Maharashtra (excluding Solapur), Karnataka, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

BRDS has built a direct subscriber model and an elaborate local cable operator (LCO) joint venture (JV) model in the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

Darpita Trading Company, which is owned by IndusInd Media & Communications Ltd (IMCL), has got its area of operation revised to the districts of Thane, Raigad and Palghar in Maharashtra. The area of operation of its provisional licence was earlier valid for 26 DAS Phase II cities.

The MIB has also awarded 26 new provisional MSO licences in the first half of November.

[Image: List_of_Provisional_Registration_of_MSOs...1.2016.jpg]

Three MSOs, namely UCS Broadband, Microsense Wireless, and Elxire IT Services, got cross-country licences.

Siti Cable’s subsidiary Siti Jind Digital Media has got provisional licence for Phase III areas in Haryana.

Maury Diginet has received the registration for DAS II, III and IV areas in Bihar. Indore-based SR Media has got permission to operate in DAS II, III and IV areas in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Seven MSOs, namely Vellore-based Geekay Digital Communication, Pilibhit-based Puranpur Cable Network, Gandhi Nagar-based Shiv Shakti Cable Network, Udaipur-based New Mewar Vision, Jajpur-based Mahaveer Digital, Delhi-based Sanjay Cable Network and Tripura-based Hamari Digital Cable Networks have got registrations to operate in the entire respective states.

Other registrations have been issued for different areas in the states of Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, UP, Haryana and Gujarat.

The total number of provisional MSO licences has shot up to 830, as on 15 November.