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Opera Neon browser for Windows and Mac users launched - nairrk - 01-13-2017

In order to further stand out in the browser game, Opera has now launched a new concept browser, Opera Neon, to test out some experimental features. The company claims that the current internet browsers have been outdated and are full of documents and pages. While internet is changing every day with increasing importance in our lives, browsers should compliment the change as well. Further, it is available for both Windows and MacOS platform.

Coming to the browser, Opera Neon is basically built from the same browser engine as the Opera browser and pays adequate emphasis on the 'content' aspect of web browsing. In other words, Opera Neon will provide users fun ways to interact with the web content, including the ability to drag and push things around, and to even pop content from the web. However, it is will not replace the current Opera browser. Moreover, the Opera Browser is likely to get some of the features from the new Opera Neon browser sometime in Spring 2017.

Talking about the new features, one can start a webpage using his/her current desktop background image, or access video player, image gallery, and download manager from the sidebar located on the left. Further, on the right side, we get a a visual tab par helping one distinguish the relevant tab. Manaing the tab further is a built-in intelligent system which will bring up the most used tabs to the top and slide down the tabs which are raely used. A new omnibox which supports all the top search engines and open search has also been added.

For the web browsing, a new 'Video pop-out' feature lets you watch videos even when browsing through other web pages. The 'Snap to gallery' feature allows one to screenshot and crop any part of a web page and save it to the gallery. Lastly, a split-screen mode has also been added wherein users can browse through two web pages simultaneously.