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WhatsApp iOS update lets you send messages without internet; here’s how it works - nairrk - 01-24-2017

WhatsApp has an update for iOS users. While this update may not bring big new features in the app, it does come with some useful and important renovation. Firstly, similar to the previous update in Android, iOS users can too now send upto 30 photos or videos at once. Earlier sending bulk media was limited to 10 at a time. But more importantly, post the update you will now be able to send messages even without an internet connection.

Up till now, if you ever suddenly lost connectivity, you had to wait for the internet to restore, and only then could you tap on the send icon. However, with the update, even if there is no connection, you can always type the text and send it, which is queued up, and sent whenever you regain the connection. This surely is an important feature, because it can be quite irksome during a conversation when you lose connection and you are just unable to even tap on the send icon.

Further, one other new improvement, which is personally my favourite in the update is the ability for users to manage their storage usage of each chat individually. Basically, after the update, if you go to ‘Data and Storage Usage’ in your WhatsApp Settings, and tap on Storage Usage, you will now be able to see how much space each chat on your WhatsApp is occupying.

It is pretty convenient as well, as within the settings itself, you can clear a chat you feel is unimportant and free up that much space. It’s actually quite interesting, the storage space manager breaks down the occupied space into all the kind of content shared, like tex, image, GIFs, videos, voice message, documents, contact and locations. How that helps is, that according to your choice, you can either choose to clear all the content from a particular chat, or choose what all content you wish to clear. For instance, if you wish to keep the text, and delete all other media files, you could do that, or you could just keep the images from a chat, and delete all the texts, GIFs and voice messages.

This will make managing space so much easier. Up until now you either had to save the entire chat, or manually sit down to delete each unwanted media. Or if you cleared a chat, you ended up losing all the content at once.

Also, a part of the redesigned Data and Storage Usage screen is inspired from the Android version app of WhatsApp. While earlier the iOS app just showed media auto-download options for all media files received as a whole, now it lets you omit settings for images, audio, video and documents individually. Media auto-download setting essentially allows you to choose if your WhatsApp app should download media files automatically on Wi-Fi, on Wi-Fi and cellular data, or never until you manually download it.