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Big FM to launch show hosted by TV actor Manav Gohil - nairrk - 02-04-2017

MUMBAI: 92.7 BIG FM is all set to launch a new show hosted by television actor Manav Gohil for its listeners in Gujarat.

The show, titled ‘Morning Cha with Manav Gohil’, will be on air from 6 February and will be launched across Gujarat markets including Baroda, Surat, Rajkot and Ahmedabad.

Commenting on the launch of the new show, BIG FM spokesperson said, “Gujarat as a market has always been pivotal to us as it encompasses immense potential. It has a very rich culture which involves a lot of grand traditions and ways of life which gives BIG FM a platform to experiment and explore with content. ‘Morning Cha with Manav Gohil’ is one such ambitious project through which we expect to tap all groups of target audience while spreading positive energy and fun. The show aims to celebrate morning time which is usually spent with family adding fun, entertainment and warm tonality. We are so glad to have associated with Manav Gohil who’s more than a decade old in the entertainment fraternity and we hope our audiences receive the show well like they always have.”

Aired in the morning slot from 7am to 9 am every Monday to Friday, the show will have all the elements from relaxing to fun and light hearted to flirtatious music with credibility of retro trivia. With ‘Morning Cha with Manav Gohil’, BIG FM intends to spread positivity and urge its audience to start their day on a joyous note while also celebrating the spirit of life. The show is crafted keeping in mind the demands of listeners which is family oriented, light hearted and positive. The show will also take the listeners back to the retro (70’s to 90s) era with retro tracks which would be a perfect start to an energetic day with the family.

Gohil said, “I have spent more than a decade in the entertainment industry, wherein I have had the opportunity to explore various mediums and facets of this exciting space. My journey has been nothing short of amazing. With 92.7 BIG FM’s new offering, I am excited to explore a new territory – radio, which is the largest platform when it comes to sheer reach. My fans have always supported me in my endeavours, and with this new show, I hope I will be bestowed upon with the same amount of love and affection. It gives me an opportunity to connect with them on a more personal level.”