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Gmail will now let you stream video attachments on the desktop - nairrk - 03-17-2017

In a bunch of updates that Google has rolled out for its services in just this one week, one “quality of life improvement” also comes for its email service, Gmail. Google is making previewing video attachments in Gmail much smoother and quicker. From now on, Gmail desktop users can now stream attachment videos right on the page, instead of needing to download them first and open it with a media player.

Basically, with the update, Gmail users will now see a thumbnail of the video, which would look similar to YouTube. These video thumbnails will stream right within the page and will allow a user to play the clip back, adjust quality and sound levels, and even stream it to a Chromecast device. “This feature uses the same Google infrastructure that powers YouTube, Google Drive, and other video streaming apps, so video is delivered at optimal quality and availability,” Google writes in its blog.

The update is releasing to both all G Suite editions, and the graduate rollout of the feature has already begun, although Google say it may just take up to 15 days for all its users to view the feature.

This is a small but an effective update that Gmail has received, especially when you think of sending a video attachment via smartphones, as it’ll save recipients a step or two before watching them. However, it is worth pointing out that considering these videos go up as an attachment, the feature is still limited by the fact that Gmail attachments can not exceed 50MB. Which means either you compress a video to that size or you’re on your own if you want to send something longer or in a particularly high resolution.

Earlier this month, Google doubled the size limit for attachments on the emails received, from 25MB to 50MB. Basically, although there already is Google Drive to share the big files, but with this update, users can now at least receive attachments as big as 50MB, however the sending limit is still fixed at 25MB. If you are confused, essentially, the increased attachment size limit is an update only for the G Suite customers. A user can receive a larger 50MB file if someone sends it to them from Drive (sent via the share tool) or another storage tool.

Additionally, starting a couple of days ago, Gmail for Android users (only in the US) can now send or receive money as an attachment. Although this feature had long existed for the web version of Google’s email service, it was now rolled out to the Android app.