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i Box 3030 receiver - JOHNY - 04-02-2017

Friends today I bought a second hand receiver from a man . Brand I Box 3030. Cost approximate Rs. 1000. I am unable to connect to internet. If anybody using this model or similar pls help.
Posting some ss for your perusal.
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RE: i Box 3030 receiver - Mr.Bhat - 04-02-2017

I think U Should connect 3G Dongle.. teh setup picture shows as 3G Modem.. just a guess as i havent seen this type of recievers..

RE: i Box 3030 receiver - JOHNY - 04-09-2017

I bought a wifi adaptor for my receiver and it is now connecting to net via wifi..

RE: i Box 3030 receiver - JOHNY - 04-09-2017

Purchased a wifi adaptor for the receiver. now the receiver is connecting to internet via wifi. and some European channels are available from Hotbird only. some ss for your ref.

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RE: i Box 3030 receiver - Mr.Bhat - 04-09-2017

Finally u got it right... congrats...