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North-East TV Group launches Focus TV - Sathish - 03-10-2009

The North-East TV Group, which has bouquet of channels like NE TV, NE Bangla and NE Hi-fi, has launched Focus TV on Women's Day, March 8, 2009. The company claims that the channel is Asia's first 24x7 news and current affairs channel for women.

Besides Focus TV, the Group is also coming up with Hamar TV and HY TV. Hamar TV is a Bhojpuri news and current affairs channel, which aims to cater to over 18 crore people across the country, and will also be distributed overseas. HY TV, based in Hyderabad, will showcase events occurring in the southern states of India in English, Hindi and Urdu.

Focus TV, which is headed by Channel Head Neelanjana Banerjee, will have news, current affairs and infotainment as its content from a woman's point of view. The channel aims to empower women in all spheres of life and to help facilitate women to realise their inner strength to create and nourish their independence, confidence and lifestyle.

Gargee Bardoloi, assignment head, Focus TV, said, "Keeping in mind a global target audience, Focus TV will be aired in both Hindi and English. Besides news, there will be a variety of women-based shows throughout the week. But what makes them stand apart from the entertainment shows seen across various TV channels is the 'reality factor'. We are ready to give saas-bahu sagas a tough fight for TRPs since we present the sagas of real women."

The channel shall be beaming off the INSAT 2E satellite for its worldwide distribution. For distribution in India, Focus TV shall be placed on the leading DTH platforms and cable television networks.