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Inbox by Gmail to soon let you receive notifications for only ‘important’ emails - nairrk - 04-12-2017

Google is reportedly adding some new features to its Inbox by Gmail service. The new set of features focuses on giving users more control on notifications they want to receive. A new section called Notification Level will be added with options to get notifications for all incoming emails or get no notification update until an ‘important’ email arrives.

Although this feature has gone live for a lot of users, some are still waiting for the update. The company has not yet officially announced anything as well. To check if the update is available to you, you need to open the Inbox app, go to settings, and click on “Notifications” tab. If the feature is live, it will show another tab that allows you to choose the notification level between “all” and “high priority”. If you are not seeing the feature, but do have multiple accounts, then it will be worth checking the settings for each of the accounts.

Androidheadlines suggests you to check the least used account – as that will be the account that might actually want to only receive ‘important’ emails for users. Overall, the feature will help disable notifications for emails Inbox doesn’t think is important. However, the exact criteria for the ‘important’ emails isn’t clear at the moment.

If you’re already happy with the number of notifications you receive on a daily basis, you probably won’t find the feature useful, but everyone else might want to consider giving it a chance, especially if they want to reduce but not completely eliminate email-related notifications. It is a small nevertheless a useful feature and a good way to allow Inbox users know how to better take advantage of the app’s features.

Talking abut Gmail, recently Google has also been updating its app with many new features. In the latest update, Google made it easier to transfer money over its Gmail app. Gmail for Android users will be able to send or receive money as an attachment. Apart from that Google is making previewing video attachments in Gmail much quicker. From now on, Instead of downloading a video attachment and viewing it through a media player, you can view the videos in a small pop-up thumbnail in the page itself.