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Toonz Animation partners ReachMe.TV to launch Toonz TV in the US - nairrk - 06-06-2017

MUMBAI: Kerala-based animation studio Toonz Media Group has partnered with Hollywood mobile entertainment network ReachMe.TV to launch Toonz TV, a next generation entertainment channel for the young and young at heart.

Toonz TV expects to have a reach of over 100 million US viewers via ReachMe.TV.

Toonz TV will feature popular international animation catalogue from Toonz, new productions with Toonz and ReachMe.TV as well as growing collections of interactive features and games that incorporate AR and VR and other emerging technologies.

Operating from Toonz studio at Technopark in Trivandrum and ReachMe.TV’s New Studio in Hollywood California, Toonz TV will bring together ReachMe.TV’s ground-breaking production and entertainment platform with Toonz’s veteran team of creators in animation and content for kids and families.

“We wanted to have a partner who would share our philosophy and experience and could go beyond traditional media production and distribution to re-invent the network model. ReachMe.TV is the ultimate partner to bring our unique philosophy and talent to life,” said Toonz Media Group CEO P. Jayakumar.

“We all know that the entertainment landscape is changing, and kids programming is a big part of that evolution. Toonz’s immense experience from software development to feature film animation and interactive gaming is a perfect match for our platform and our 100 million plus viewers on the go,” said ReachMe.TV co-founder and CEO Lynnwood Bibbens.

Toonz TV started with a broad lineup of free content, including a channel and selection of “bingeable” series on ReachMe.TV’s mobile web platform, featured segments on ReachMe.TV’s Airport Network and was part of the ReachMe.TV hotel network which has a reach of over 750,000 rooms in top-tier US hotels.

There are a growing set of features including games, free in-room movie packages, popular downloads, mobile features, all with the goal of providing programming for families on the go. Toonz will also feature select ReachMe.TV programming across its global network.

The companies plan to expand their programming to include game versions of popular series and other new forms and formats of family entertainment.