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Videocon d2h adds 71 channels in regional languages this year - nairrk - 06-27-2017

[Image: 4f1TDz7.jpg]MUMBAI: Videocon d2h is widening its TV channel portfolio. The direct-to-home (DTH) arm of Videocon Group has added two news channels, JK 24×7 and Gulistan News, for its subscribers in Jammu & Kashmir.

In fact, Videocon d2h has added 71 new channels in regional languages this calendar year.

Said Videocon d2h executive chairman Saurabh Dhoot, “We at Videocon d2h have always kept ahead of what our consumers require. Whether it is innovating in our set-top boxes or by continuously adding the best channels or in service, we have always led from the front. Content has been a key driver of our leadership; this calendar year, we have already added 71 new channels in regional languages. With JK 24X7 News and Gulistan, our subscribers will have even more choice to stay informed with the latest news.”

While JK 24×7 is a Hindi news channel, Gulistan News is an Urdu channel. The 24-hour news channels will deliver the day’s top stories, both national and international.

The two channels will be available on promotional Hindi Top-up for flexi pack on channel No 335 and 790 respectively.

With the fourth phase of digital addressable system (DAS) nearing closure, there is a growing demand for state specific and regional-language channels.

Said Videocon d2h CEO Anil Khera, “As DAS Phase IV nears an end, we are seeing a significant appeal of state specific and regional language channels. Adding two channels specifically for J&K underlines our commitment to provide holistic family entertainment to the state.”

Videocon d2h has a line-up of 570+ channels and services, including a host of regional channels. It offers a wide range of active services like smart services including Smart English, Smart Games. The other active services include d2h Hollywood HD, d2h music, d2h spice, d2h cinema in both standard definition and HD.