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Google Maps will now show real-time information for buses in Kolkata - nairrk - 07-24-2017

Google has introduced its Transit feature in Kolkata which is expected to immensely help daily commuters. This feature is available on Google Maps and it will provide users with real time information on the arrival of buses. In partnership with the West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC), Google Maps will show information on the major bus transit routes of Kolkata. More routes are to be added in the future. This feature is currently available for both Android and iOS users.

Commuters can try out this feature on Google Maps by entering your desired destination and tapping on the ‘Get directions’ icon. After this, select the tram ‘transit’ icon and it will show results of bus numbers, routes and real-time information in green. Additionally, this also shows information on trains in Kolkata. On tapping the recommended route, Google Maps will show additional information and tapping the bus stop will show a list of arriving buses. Here too, the green beacon will indicate the real-time information on the selected buses.

Google says that the information will be accurate enough to show the next bus arriving at the selected bus stop, duration of your trip and also bus delays. Any changes in the bus routes would be updated accordingly on Google Transit. Public transport especially buses in Kolkata play a big role for daily commuters. There are numerous buses covering multiple routes in and around Kolkata and in the outskirts as well. While there are options available already to know the bus timings and routes, the real-time information is where the daily commuters will benefit most from.

On announcing the launch of this feature, Narayan Swaroop Nigam, IAS, Managing Director of WBTC said, “By sharing the real-time transit information of our buses with Google Maps, we are striving to deliver an enhanced level of service for our commuters. We are confident that the practical use of this technology will facilitate better trip planning resulting in greater convenience to commuters. We expect this to help increase the footfall in our buses and improve revenue realization.”

This launch marks the first real-time transit information that Google Maps provide in India. Prior to this, there was a report suggesting the same real-time transit information for the Mumbai local. Although Google hadn’t official confirmed on the possibility of this feature, it didn’t deny at the same time and said that it is open to such opportunities.