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Instagram Stories is now available on mobile browsers, coming soon to desktop - nairrk - 09-01-2017

Instagram did a little lift and drop with the Stories feature last year. As a platform, it’s been incredibly successful. Users not only embraced Stories on Instagram, many effectively prefer it over Snapchat. Instagram realized the effect its new feature has on users, and the service has only improved since. Over the past year, Instagram rolled out over 20 new features, from integrating Boomerangs, to stickers and face filters, to the ability to mention and add links to stories.

However, all this while, the Stories feature has been limited only to the mobile app users, someone using the desktop version or the mobile web version could not access it. But only until now. In a new update, Instagram has now made the feature available to the mobile web version of the platform. According to TechCrunch, the feature could be coming to desktops as well. Although, initially on the two versions, users will only be able to view stories, they would still need to use the Instagram mobile app to upload a Story.

However, Instagram in an official blog did confirm that users will able to post stories from mobile web in the coming months. And TechCrunch believes a similar ability will be rolled out to desktops. BGR India has reached out to Instagram for an official confirmation. We’re awaiting a response.

The feature, which will sit at the top of your feed, will work similar to the app version, where you can tap left and right arrows to skip or go back to a story.

Besides this, Instagram also rolled out some new face filters this morning, which syncs with your mood. These are a limited set of filters, with a happy sun, angry thunderstorm, a lazy sun, all of which depending on your mood. You can use these filters as a message or in an Instagram Story.

Instagram recently completed a year of existence, and its performance has seen an upward trajectory. In the past year, while Instagram started off by following Snapchat, it ended up pacing far ahead. When you draw a comparison, Snapchat only has 166 million daily users of its entire app. That includes Snapchat’s private messaging feature. Whereas, Instagram, with 700 million users worldwide, has over 250 million daily active users of the Stories feature alone. In fact, WhatsApp Stories, which is as basic as the feature can be, also has 250 million daily active users.