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Star Bharat’s on-ground campaign in Lucknow on 30 Sep - nairrk - 09-29-2017

MUMBAI: Star Bharat will launch an on-ground activation for its campaign ‘Bhula de darr at Aishbagh maidan’ in Lucknow on 30 September, celebrating the auspicious day of Dussehra.

The lead cast from Star Bharat show ‘Saam Daam Dand Bhed’ will be present for this on-ground initiative. Lead actors Bhanu Uday (Vijay Naamdari) and Sonal Vengulkar (Mandira) will encourage the spectators to overcome their fears by burning them to actualise their dreams.

The entire Ramleela ground will have campaign posters encouraging each one present to pen down their fears on a piece of paper. In a grand finale Star Bharat will recreate the dehen by burning the fears, penned by the masses along with a 121-foot statue of Ravana.

A Star Bharat spokesperson said, “Fear is an impediment to progress in life. At Star Bharat, we want to inspire people to understand that they are in charge of their destinies and have the ability to reach for the stars if only they get rid of their fears. This event we feel will bring home the message in a palpable manner.”

Star Bharat recently unveiled a brand film titled ‘Burn your Fears’ with MS Dhoni, Mithali Raj and Ajay Devgn. The film showcases national icons voicing how they overcame fear and achieved their dreams, ultimately burning fear as a symbol of their win over fear. Also, a social media campaign is live on Star Bharat’s Facebook page, where one can type down their fears on a virtual paper, which will burn on submission. This animated feed will be live until 30 September.