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Arasu digital STB costs Rs 200, govt alerts subs - nairrk - 10-05-2017

MUMBAI: Government authorities in Tamil Nadu are announcing the basic rate of installing a new STB following complaints by subscribers of the state-owned Arasu Cable TV Corporation that cable operators are charging them around four times the cost. Tirupur operators are reportedly threatening to disconnect the cable services if subscribers do not pay up.

Tirupur district collector KS Palanisamy stated in a press release that the government had fixed Rs 200 as charges for installing set-top boxes (STBs), which the cable operators were entitled to receive. "If this is violated, those affected should register complaints at toll free number 1800 425 2911," the Times of India reported.

A number of subscribers are complaining that cable operators were charging them as much as Rs 700 for installing the free STBs issued by Arasu Cable (TACTV).

Authorities had declared that the boxes will be installed from 1 September when DAS (digital broadcasting system) was launched. Cable operators however are reportedly threatening the subscribers that if they did not pay by the first week of October, they would disconnect the service.

A political activist alleged that the cable operators had been providing around half of cable connections without maintaining records. Some cable operators reportedly asked subscribers to buy STBs sold by a private company run by the cable federation, and not the ones issued by Arasu Cable. Such STBs cost around Rs 1,500-Rs 1,700 through which, operators have claimed, more channels could be accessed as compared to Arasu Cable.