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Instagram may soon let you follow hashtags - nairrk - 11-12-2017

Instagram keeps making changes and adding new features to its make its platform more engaging and user-friendly. Recently it added the ability to add older photos and videos to the stories.

[Image: xinstagrammaysoonletyoufollowhashtags-11...2mZBo9.jpg]

Now, it seems like the image sharing app is testing feature that will allow users to follow hashtags. Reported by Android Headlines, a person named Pippa Akram has posted a screenshot on Twitter that shows how the feature works. Basically, the feature will show Instagram users the new and trending posts and other content that contain a followed hashtag.

Just like the way you can see the posts made by a person whom you follow. When the feature will be added, you will be able to follow hashtags along with other users. Going by the screenshot, the followed hashtags will show a collection of posts in a grid format right on that page. Akram, unfortunately, failed to find any other functionalities of the feature.

[Image: instagrammaysoonletyoufollowhashtags-11-1510395757.jpg]

Soon after she made that post, comments started coming in from other Instagram users claimed to have noticed the hashtag following feature (we are just it so for reference). However, the feature vanished suddenly the similar way it had earlier appeared. Neither Facebook (being the parent company) nor Instagram has mentioned anything about this feature.

In any case, if this feature gets introduced eventually, it will be really helpful for users to keep up with topics they are interested in. We assume that users will also see posts that are relevant to the hashtags you follow. As of now, we can't tell when exactly the feature will be introduced officially.