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5 online tools to convert video to MP4 and other formats - nairrk - 11-24-2017

In general, videos have many formats including .avi, .mp4 and much more, unlike the digital photos. Smartphone these days, plays MP4 video on the device and MP3 for audio. If you have any video that won't play on your phone, tablet or TV, there are online tool converters available to convert them into a format the device needed.

[Image: 22-1511352776-any-video-converter.jpg]

Any video converter
This tool named as 'Any Video Converter' is easy to use, navigate and it is free as well. All you need to do is to choose your source file and output format and go. Apart from this, you can also access advanced options like batch conversion, file merging, and frame cropping.

[Image: 22-1511352784-avidemux.jpg]

This is another tool with too many features, where one of which is video converting. All you need to do is to load a video from the File menu to import it into the program. There are features like buffer size, interlacing, and threading can be found in the menu items.

[Image: 22-1511352810-zamzar.jpg]

You might come across a situation, where you need to convert the file formats. Even though there is software available for that, finding an appropriate link without advertisement and other things is difficult. During that situation, with the help of 'Zamzar' online tool, you can convert files faster. This online tool supports 1,200 different conversion types, including audio, video, image, and document types.

[Image: 22-1511352794-encodehd.jpg]

The EncodeHD tool is a video converter program with minimal UI . to make it easy for the users to convert files to other formats. Select the video files into the program and select a device you want the converted file to be playable on.

[Image: 22-1511352801-videosolo-free-video-converter.jpg]

VideoSolo Free Video Converter
This tool converts videos in bulk or one by one or can merge multiple videos together. It also supports a various video file formats. Apart from Mp4, you can also use it to convert a video file to an audio file. Additionally, there are lots of options you can change before you make a conversion -- 3D settings, video bitrate, resolution size, aspect ratio, frame rate, etc.