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An era comes to an end as Channel V shuts down - nairrk - 11-27-2017

MUMBAI: All good things, as they say, must come to an end. So is the case with Star India’s music channel Channel V, which was an integral part of kids who have grown up in the 90s. The channel has been shut-down and is being replaced with a sports channel Star Sports 1 Kannada.

Channel V started as a pure-play music channel before switching to general entertainment and then back to music. As the channel was searching for its identity, its audience slowly and steadily shifted to other channels and platforms.

However, Channel V has had its share of glory in the good old 90s when video on demand (VoD) was an alien concept. Back then, the channel offered an eclectic mix of film and non-film music content. It was also a go-to destination for pop music lovers.

Apart from featuring Indian pop artists like Alisha Chinai, Falguni Pathak, Shaan, Strings, Lucky Ali and Sonu Nigam, amongst others, the channel also offered India’s first home-grown all girls pop band VIVA! through their show Coke V Popstars. It was the Indian version of the international television talent show Popstars.

VIVA! Comprising of Seema Ramchandani, Pratichee Mohapatra, Neha Bhasin, Mahua Kamat, and Anushka Manchanda soon became a rage with its popular tracks and music video like Hum Naye Geet Sunaye.

Channel V had several other popular shows dedicated purely to film, non-film and international music such as V Shuffle, Dance With V, Hit Machine, V Top 20 and V International amongst others. During New Years, the countdown of channel V’s Top 20 song held a special place amongst the youth as they yearned to see their favourite pop artists topping the chart.

Shruti Seth, who become a household name with a fantasy sit-com Shararat, started her career as a Video Jockey (VJ) with Channel V.

Speaking about her experience with channel V, Seth said, I am glad that I got an opportunity to be part of the channel and it is sad that shutting down. Also, I think overall music television isn’t what it used to be. So, I am just happy to be part of it and I met some wonderful people during my time. My entire stint with channel V was full of nostalgia I am glad I got a chance to have it other than that I got a chance to meet some great people, got a chance to travel and enjoy some great music.

These music shows also paved a way for VJs such as Aditya Roy Kapoor, Gaurav Kapoor, VJ Andy amongst other. Apart from the music shows, Channel V also offered some memorable characters such as Quick Gun Murugan, Lola Kutti, Haryanvi Jat Udham Singh, ‘Bai’ and ‘Simpu Singh. These characters went a long way in building a loyal audience for the channel.

The news of the shutdown has led to an outpouring of messages from VJs, actors, and fans.

Reacting to the shut-down of the channel, Gaurav Kapoor took to Twitter. “It was my school & my college. We were encouraged to do crazy things, to let our imagination fly. You may have gone Channel V, but you will always be an integral part of me,” he tweeted.

Once a big part of our heart went into making a dream into reality#Gumrah and were we proud! @lostboy54 Channel [V] you will be missed,” Tweeted Karan Kundra.

As the pop-bands died and music became commoditised, Channel V and its competitor MTV ventured into fiction and non-fiction content. While MTV tasted success with shows like Roadies and MTV Splitsvilla, Channel V failed to make the cut with its fiction programming Dil, Dosti, Dance, Dare 2 Date and Gumrah.