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SVF to release ‘Amazon Obhijaan’ in six languages - nairrk - 12-02-2017

[Image: Official_Poster_of_Amazon_Obhijaan.jpg]

MUMBAI: Eastern India’s leading movie production house SVF will release its upcoming movie Bengali film ‘Amazon Obhijaan’ in six languages Bengali, Hindi, Odia, Assamese, Tamil, and Telugu.

‘Amazon Obhijaan’, which will release on 22 December, is the first Bengali film to be released in six languages.

The two-minute trailer showcases the eternal saga of an explorer’s quest for adventure. Two years after Marco Florian, an Italian adventurer fails in his mission, his daughter Anna approaches the Bengali explorer Shankar Choudhury, requesting him to join for an expedition.

Shankar readily accepts Anna’s request and from there on, an enthralling yet long and arduous journey to the heart of Amazon, to discover the hidden city of gold, El Dorado begins.

The film captures how the explorers travel thousands of miles to reach the mythical city – the journey is laden with natural difficulties, wild animals, savage tribes, and vicious gold digger.

Shankar on his way single-handedly overcomes every odd and fights off every danger ranging from a menacing Black Caiman to a gigantic Anaconda.