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Epic to launch new series Sharanam on 12 Dec - nairrk - 12-06-2017

MUMBAI: Infotainment channel Epic will launch a new series Sharanam on 12 December at 8 pm. The show will mark the return of actor Juhi Chawla on the small screen as a narrator of the show.

Sharanam will take viewers on a poignant journey to some of the most revered pilgrimage sites in India and highlights people’s faith, experiences and connections with God along with their reasons to worship. As its tagline reads ‘Safar Vishwaas Ka’, the show will be an exploration of the traditions, practices, rituals and ideals that bring people to these holy places in search of something greater than themselves.

The series showcases testimonies of personal incidents that are the bedrock of the belief that fuels and nourishes people as they visit various places of worship to connect with the supreme.

Through interactions with devotees who visit these places faithfully, the show will travel the length and breadth of the country following the strong thread of faith that not only binds the pilgrims to their Gods but also the nation with itself.

It will feature never seen before visuals of some of the most frequented places such as the Somnath Temple in Gujarat, Velankanni in Tamil Nadu, Hemis Monastery in Ladakh and Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati.

Speaking about her affinity for the show, Chawla said, “I was moved when I heard the concept of Sharanam. The series focuses on the lesser-known folklore and common people’s beliefs that keeps bringing them back to the place for divine solace. Sharanam truly drives you to surrender to the almighty.”