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Instagram rolls out Stories Archive and Stories Highlights features - nairrk - 12-07-2017

Instagram has rolled out two major features for all the users and these are the Stories Archive and Stories Highlights. These new Instagram features are a part of the platform's effort to allow users save their stories so that they can use the same later. Also, the users will be provided with another platform to represent their profiles.

[Image: instagramrollsoutstoriesarchiveandstorie...613928.jpg]

To be precise, the Stories Archive feature lets you add your stories to the Archive. The Stories you add to your profile will be automatically saved in the private archive and you can refer to the same later. You can also reshare the Stories from the archive to your existing Story and share the same as a regular post. There is an option to add the stories to a highlight as well. If you are not interested in the Stories Archive feature, you can turn it off.

When it comes to the other new feature called Stories Highlights, it refers to a new space on your profile where you can source images from the already discussed Stories Archive. The photos those are archived will appear on the profile in the new tab. You can add many highlights as you want from the archive and they will be seen as a horizontal scroll bar above the photo grid.

In order to access the stories in the archive, you need to tap the Archive icon that is seen on your profile. You can switch between the Posts Archive and Stories Archive easily. There will be a date indicator on the first story from each day to help you navigate through the archive without any hassle.

These new features are found on the version 25 of Instagram on both Android and iOS. Notably, the Instagram Stories was launched after Snapchat's feature became popular. Given that Snapchat has already come up with something similar sometime back, the Stories Archive has been introduced on Instagram.