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&Privé HD to premiere ‘Fathers and Daughters’ on 17 Dec - nairrk - 12-13-2017

MUMBAI: &Privé HD premiere American-Italian drama ‘Fathers and Daughters’ on 17 December at 1 pm and 9 pm.

The film is directed by Gabriele Muccino and features Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Diane Kruger, Aaron Paul, Octavia Spencer and Jane Fonda among others.

Fathers and Daughters follow the life of Jake Davis (Crowe), a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist whose world comes apart when a car crash kills his wife but spares his young daughter, Katie. The accident leaves Davis with a severe head injury, subjecting him to violent, epileptic-like seizures, forcing him to check into a hospital, leaving Katie with her wealthy aunt and uncle.

The movie also narrates Katie’s life 25 years on, which is continually intercut into the first story. In her mid-twenties, Katie (Seyfried), a social worker, is still reeling from her troubled childhood, which continues to influence her adult life, as she is unable to form real relationships.