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VuLiv launches platform to enable offline sharing of videos, music, photos... - nairrk - 12-16-2017

VuLiv launches platform to enable offline sharing of videos, music, photos on multiple screens

MUMBAI: Unleashing the smart phone’s entertainment potential , VuLiv Player, India’s leading offline OTT entertainment platform has launched VuShare, a mobile technology for simulcasting a user’s videos, music, photos on multiple screens including smartphones, computers or even Smart TV without any additional hardware or even without internet or any additional cost.

This eliminates problems of low storage faced by virtually all smartphone users due to frequent file exchanges between peers through various platforms.

In order to enable VuShareTM Feature, users just need to click on the VuShare icon and enable a VuShare session to watch a favourite video together with friends or where friends can go even solo to watch their choice of content with full playback and sound controls.

Friends can create their playlists and enjoy their favourites on the choice of their screen size or the sound systems, as each one of the VuShare session members has individual playback controls. The app uses proprietary software technology to connect with multiple smart devices at the same time & creates 1 host to manage playback controls or playlist combinations. The technology is native to smartphone hardware and is built on core communication protocols which allow the host to beam dedicated speed for each connected device with no loss of content quality or buffering unlike faced even in a 4G network. A VuLiv host can enable a multimedia VuShare Session for non VuLiv customers also, who can access full playback and playlist controls via their mobile browser.

Speaking on the launch of the feature, VuLiv Founder & CEO Manoj Kumar Gupta said, “A smartphone user has inherent need of consuming UGC entertainment with friends & family but has lived with the constraint of limited memory, slow network Speeds and time consumed in file transfer. With VuLiv Player, we solve all such problems of Organisation, Playback and now even Virtual Sharing of user’s media with no constraints of phone memory or network speed and yes, it comes free of any cost.

Smartphone users today receive tonnes of videos, photos, music through chat apps and also download their favourite entertainment from the web to watch it later with friends. With rising Internet penetration, we see the phenomenon of downloaded content playback increasing manifolds. Thereby increasing the demand for phone storage or challenging the processing power of best of smartphones. No amount of increase in memory seems sufficient and therefore VuShareTM can solve the problem of masses by building a Social playback, without the need of transferring temporary files.”

VuShare feature empowers users to:

*Broadcast & Play Music – Videos on Smartphones, Tablets, iPad, Smart TV
*Friends & Family Mode, to choose from the Playlist
*Save your favorites, to Watch later
*No need for any additional hardware, connecting cables
*Even No Internet Required.

The users can now create their own Mobile MULTIPLEX, whether in the middle of the sea or on a mountain.
Interestingly, there are more than 500 million offline users in the country, having Zero access to the internet and only plays media on the device. Around 300 million has intermittent availability while around 100 MN has 100% access to internet all the time. VuLiv Player aims to bridge this online-offline internet divide with offline technologies that help organise, discover & broadcast at the same time.