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Bing or Google Search: Which one should you prefer - nairrk - 12-18-2017

In general, building a good search engine is not an easy task at all, as it takes loads of investment and years of work. As the day progress, we are seeing more number of searching emerging from various places. Out of those, majorly used are Google and the second most is Bing by Microsoft.

[Image: bing-or-google-which-one-should-u-prefer...419205.jpg]

Today, we have jotted down the major differences in both Bing and Google that might help you in choosing a good searching for yourself.

[Image: 16-1513419256-search-quality.jpg]

Search quality

When it comes to search quality, many users claimed that the quality of the result is better with Bing than Google. This happens because, Google has done some refinements in the algorithm, where it focuses on figuring out what users needs instead of their wants. In this case, Bing always provides the result for basic information. If you are in the marketing industry, Bing will help you in reaching more customers and also provides you with aligned results with what user needs.

[Image: 16-1513419264-search-videos.jpg]

Video search

Talking about the video search, Bing has an edge over Google as it fetches better search results for video. This happens because, Google prioritize the videos in search, and filters out the results if it is an adult content. Microsoft's Bing, on the other hand, shows users more videos in its search results, giving you more content.

[Image: 16-1513419230-autocomplete.jpg]


Both the search engines provide good autocomplete suggestions. But when it comes the numbers it shows, Bing has 8, while Google just has 4. Again when it comes to marketing, the more autocomplete suggestions help the user to find content.

[Image: 16-1513419248-paid-promotion.jpg]

Paid promotion

When it comes to promotion, Bing offers them better opportunities to advertise their site for less money. In this case, your advertisements will perform better, which will result in a much higher ROI than you would get with Google. If you are a beginner, Bing is a great start with more exposure and low budget.

[Image: 16-1513419240-other-features.jpg]

Other features

When it comes to extras, both Bing and Google offers features to get more out of them. However, in some cases, Bing was the first to implement features including infinite scroll for image search, a search-rewards program allowing users to get credits for their activity on the site. This doesn't make Bing better, as both need to upgrade themselves in order to stay in the competition.

[Image: 16-1513419272-which-is-better.jpg]

Which is better?

Considering the above-mentioned information, both Bing and Google offers great things for the users and keeps on updating themselves to make our life easier. If you are new to marketing and in need of some exposure, it is important that you recognize that Google is not the only game in town and that Bing actually has a lot to offer your site.