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Instagram users to now see ‘recommended posts’ in home feed - nairrk - 12-28-2017

Popular photo and video sharing app Instagram has quietly added a new feature to its platform. Referred to as "recommended posts", this feature has not been well received by the users.

[Image: xinstagramuserstonowseerecommendedpostsi...NmhGRX.jpg]

So basically, you can now see "recommended posts" on your home feed while scrolling. As explained by Instagram, these recommendations are based on posts liked by accounts you follow. However, you can choose to temporarily hide Recommended for You posts. This new feature is not much different from its previous feature that "recommended content".

That being said, previously these recommendations only showed up in the "Explore" section and were not pushed on the home feed. What's quite surprising is that Instagram has not made an official announcement about this new feature. It is only mentioned in the company's Help documentation.

It is worth noting that with the introduction of the "recommended posts", Instagram has done away with the chronological feed. Just like its parent company Facebook, the home feed will be algorithm based.

The upside is that the "recommended posts" will neither flood your home feed not it will replace the existing posts. They will only appear once you have seen all the posts in the feed, reports TechCrunch.

Much to Instagram's dismay, this change has not been a welcome one for users. Many Instagram users have shown their displeasure over this matter via Twitter as they prefer the old chronological home feed.

A couple of weeks back, Instagram had added another feature that lets users follow hashtags. ollowing a hashtag is just like following a person. All you have to do is search for a topic you are interested in or tap on a hashtag from any post.

When you find a hashtag you like, open the hashtag page and tap on the following button. Instagram will then start showing you top posts from that hashtag in your feed and some of the latest stories in your stories bar. You can also unfollow a hashtag at any time.