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WhatsApp Android beta 2.17.443 to bring Facebook-like stickers and more - nairrk - 01-06-2018

WhatsApp is getting many new features on a timely basis so that the users get to enjoy a great user experience. Lately, we saw that Facebook that owns WhatsApp is testing a feature that will let users share their Instagram Stories as WhatsApp Status.

Now, the blog that is known for revealing the new features that WhatsApp might bring to users has come up with a slew of new features in the latest beta update. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp beta version 2.17.443 on the Google Play Store comes with a slew of new features for both group admins and normal users.

Let's find out the changes incorporated in the WhatsApp beta version 2.17.443 from below.

[Image: 05-1515140141-whatsappandroidbeta2-17-44...dmore2.jpg]

Facebook-like stickers

Since the past few months, we have been coming across reports that WhatsApp will get stickers as in Facebook. Now, the blog has spotted a preview of the sticker option on WhatsApp and has come up with a screenshot of the same. It shows the sticker option between emojis and GIFs. Also, the screenshot shows that the GIF tab will get a new layout.

[Image: 05-1515140150-whatsappandroidbeta2-17-44...dmore3.jpg]

Group settings

A secret option that the group admins will get in the future has also been revealed by the blog. The screenshot shows that WhatsApp will soon let the group admins handle their groups with ease. The admins can search for the other admins in the group and remove them from the group info tab as seen here.

[Image: 05-1515140133-whatsappandroidbeta2-17-44...dmore1.jpg]

No option for Show All Contacts

WhatsApp appears to have removed the ‘Show all Contacts' option in the Contacts tab of Settings. This allowed users to take a look at the hidden contacts as well. There is not reason for why this option has been removed, but it looks like it could be due to a bug as we are talking about the beta version of the app.

In addition to these, the latest beta version tips about the group video and voice calls feature as well. We have come across rumors regarding the group calls support in WhatsApp. There have been many clues regarding the upcoming support for group voice calls and group video calls on iOS and Android apps of WhatsApp. The beta version 2.17.443 brings a strong clue about this has it is claimed that WhatsApp has added a hidden string in it. It states, "Couldn't switch between voice and video call because this feature isn't available in group call."