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New WhatsApp feature will let you demote group admins - nairrk - 01-13-2018

WhatsApp is likely testing a new feature that is meant for the groups. It has been spotted that the messaging platform is testing a button in group conversations that will one admin of the group to dismiss or demote the other admins of that group. This was possible ever earlier but the admin had to remove the other admins from the group and add them again as normal members.

[Image: xnewwhatsappfeaturewillletyoudemotegroup...azQ0bu.jpg]

A report by WABetaInfo claims that WhatsApp is testing this feature on the beta versions of its iOS and Android apps. The WhatsApp fan site has spotted this new option in the 'Group Info' with the name 'Dismiss as admin'. It allows an admin to dismiss one or more admins of the group without removing them from the group unlike before.

It further adds that WhatsApp is developing this feature for iOS and that it will be rolled out to all the users soon. When it comes to Android, the report claims that it has already been enabled by default in the latest beta version of the app in Google Play Store with the version number 2.18.12.

Ability to create restricted groups on WhatsApp
WhatsApp has recently started focusing on the groups giving more power to the admins. One of the newest features rolled out to the group admins is the ability to create Restricted Groups that will restrict the other members of the group from sending any kind of message, be it text, photos, videos, GIFs, documents or voice messages.

Only the group admins can activate this setting and they can send messages as usual to make an announcement or get the attention of the members. In the restricted groups, the members can only read the messages but not respond to the same. They can still send messages using the Message Admin button and these have to be approved by the admin.

Mentions will send notifications
In a recent development, WhatsApp was spotted testing a feature that will send notifications when a user is mentioned by someone else in a group. It is said that this feature is being tested in iOS and it will also show the notification of the number of mentions made in that specific group. We expect this feature will be useful as it will prevent us from missing out on the important conversations even while having the group notifications muted.