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Champions Trophy should move to South Africa, say ICC - Sathish - 03-11-2009

The ICC chief executives' committee has recommended South Africa as the new host for the ICC Champions Trophy which begins in September, replacing Pakistan.

The 50-over tournament was due to be held in Pakistan last September but was postponed due to security fears. At a board meeting in Perth in January, the ICC decided to shift the tournament to Sri Lanka and play in September and October this year.

However, the committee met via teleconference today to discuss whether climate conditions would allow the tournament to take place in Sri Lanka and the country was unable to offer assurances that rain would not interrupt proceedings.

"On that basis it was felt that it would be too great a risk to stage the tournament in Colombo at a time of year when there was a distinct possibility of rain," said the ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat. "This was especially relevant given the length of this year's ICC Champions Trophy has been reduced to 12 days, part of our desire to make it a short, sharp event, as on that basis there would be no room for reserve days.

"South Africa was a successful and excellent host of the ICC World Twenty20 at much the same time of year two years ago and the weather pattern in the area around Johannesburg in September and October is stable and ideal for cricket. The meeting therefore agreed it would be prudent to look to hold the tournament in South Africa, subject to agreement over financial arrangements.

The recommendation will be decided on by the ICC at a meeting of the board on Monday.