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HBO to premiere ‘Kong: Skull Island’ on 28 Jan - nairrk - 01-28-2018

MUMBAI: English movie channel HBO and HBO HD will premiere American monster film ‘Kong: Skull Island’ 28 January at 1 pm and 9 pm. The broadcast is co-powered by Airtel TV along with associate sponsor Kumon Mathematics.

Kong: Skull Island unravels a jaw-dropping expedition of a team of explorers to an uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. High octane action sequences with stunning visuals effects greet viewers early on the movie – giving just a gist of the nail-biting adventure about to begin in the monster-infested island.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts brings a fresh vision to the darling of all monster adventure stories, welcoming fans and viewers to truly relish the behemoth that is Kong. This time, the landscape changes to a no-man’s land, with its own spine-chilling reptilian army, creepy spiders and dangerous predators called ‘Skullcrawlers’. A brand-new Kong, outstanding VFX, and a subtle satirical undertone, combined with stellar star-cast of Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and Samuel L. Jackson, make for an explosive cinematic melange. King Kong: Skull Island is the ultimate weekend mega movie treat you were waiting for!

To make the experience even more special, HBO and HBO HD have released a cool ‘Stand with Kong’ filter available on Facebook camera filters. Fans can use the filter for a cool picture that brings them face to face with Kong himself.

To add to the excitement, fans can also participate in fun contests on HBO’s social platforms to win big! Check out HBO India on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.