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India retain No. 1 ranking with Wanderers win - nairrk - 01-28-2018

Virat Kohli-led India fashioned a memorable victory over South Africa in the third and final Test at Wanderers, a result that has ensured they stay atop the ICC Test Rankings. South Africa, the second-placed side, won the series 2-1, but that hasn't been sufficient for them usurp their opponents.

According to an ICC release, India have retained the Test mace and will receive an award of $1 million for it as the win in Johannesburg has ensured that South Africa cannot topple them by April 3, 2018 - the cut-off date, even if they win all their Tests against Australia in March. India were awarded the mace back in 2016 after India's Test win over New Zealand in Indore, and have held on to it since then.

At the start of the South Africa series, India had 124 points - 13 ahead of the hosts. By the virtue of losing the series, their tally has dropped to 121, but South Africa only managed to cut the deficit down to 8 points, keeping them at 2nd spot.

For them to continue keeping their place, however, they now need to at least win one Test against Australia in March, achievement of which will earn them $50,000, and third-placed Australia will pocket $20,000. Australia can leapfrog South Africa to second spot if they can win the series 3-0 or 4-0.