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Google Assistant now communicates in Hindi - nairrk - 01-31-2018

India is an important market for Google, and the company has made that quite clear by now. And in the same effort, Google has updated its voice assistant so it can understand Hindi.

This means, whenever you invoke Google Assistant with a command in Hindi, it would transcribe the command to English, and reply to you in proper Hindi. Up till now, Google understood Hindi, but the offer was often in English or Hinglish

From what we observed with the new feature, while it successfully completes the first command in Hindi, it is not so good at the follow-up questions in Hindi. Perhaps, that’s coming in a future update. You will be able to activate Assistant by tapping, and holding on the Home button on any Android 5.0 and above phone.

The feature can be enabled by setting “English (India)” as the primary language on your Android phone. Interestingly, if you select “Hindi” instead, Google Assistant says it’s not compatible yet.

Additionally, as reported by Android Police, Actions on Google, the developer side of Assistant that lets devs add support for their services and apps, now lists ru-RU as a supported language. That means if you’re making an AoG app or integration for Assistant, you can now set it to work in Russian as well as all the other previous available languages.