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Instagram introduces text-only stories with Type Mode - nairrk - 02-02-2018

Instagram Stories has been a terrific success for the photo-sharing platform surpassing 300 million users within months of its launch. The Facebook-owned platform has been adding more ways to share your story, and the latest addition is called ‘Type’ mode.

While Instagram Stories focuses primarily on photos and videos right now, the new Type mode will allow users to express their thoughts in the form of text. When users open the Instagram camera, they will see ‘Type’ next to ‘Normal’ under the record button. Instagram users can tap ‘Type’, and write whatever comes to their mind and then enhance the text with different styles.

The Type mode also allows Instagram Stories users to pick different background colors, highlight words and phrases or add a background photo and even GIF stickers, which were recently introduced on the platform. The new styles can be used when adding text to any photo or video. The stories shared with ‘Type’ mode will disappear after 24 hours like every other story.

Instagram is also introducing Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories in a push to further monetize the story-telling platform. The new carousel ads will allow advertisers to have up to three pieces of media per Stories ad as opposed to one it currently supports. The carousel ads for Instagram Stories behave the same way as other Stories content, and appear as users go through stories shared by their friends and followers.

Instagram says its users can “tap through, swipe back and forth or pause the content whenever they like” just like they do with normal stories. Instagram has also started recommending images on its photo feed including pushing more sponsored photos as part of user’s feed. The introduction of new ad model further clutter the platform as it tries to become next Facebook for its parent Facebook.

In the past few months, Instagram has added multiple ways to tell story including options like face filters, superzoom and GIF stickers and businesses and users have been quick to adopt the features. The new ‘Type’ mode adds depth to a platform already rich with features. The ‘Type’ mode stories and carousel ads are being features as part of Instagram version 30 for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android via Google Play.