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TLC to launch 10-part travel series featuring Mini Mathur and her daughter - nairrk - 03-08-2018

[Image: JfjXAeT.jpg]MUMBAI: Discovery Communications India’s lifestyle channel TLC is launching a new series ‘Mini Me’ featuring TV host, Actress and Model Mini Mathur, and her 7-year-old daughter Sairah traipsing across six countries in Europe, exploring the sights and sounds and their unique mom-daughter relationship.

In this first of its kind TV series in India, Mini Mathur teaches her daughter important life lessons through travel, food halts and doing some not-so-touristy things. TLC will launch ‘Mini Me’ on the occasion of International Women’s day on 9 March at 9 pm. ‘Mini Me’ is a 10-part series that chronicles an unconventional journey that spans 6 countries in 25 days.

TV host Mini Mathur travels across Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Spain with her 7-year-old daughter in an attempt to bond & connect with her second born. And to expose her to the real essence of travel! The mother-daughter duo independently explore countries; in the process connect with their deeper personalities, make decisions/choices and understand the importance of making mistakes and learning from them.

“TLC is the destination for women to get entertained and inspired. We are trying to bring into light concepts that are niche and unique and at the same time inspire women to follow them,” said Discovery Communications India VP premium & digital networks Zulfia Waris.

“Mini Me is an inspiring and enjoyable travelogue of a 21st-century mother and daughter who are ready and more than enough to conquer the world on their own. All with a smile on their face.”

“I don’t think a mother-daughter travelogue has been explored earlier on Indian television. I have always felt like I haven’t had any ‘alone time’ with Sairah. That I didn’t know her as well as I know my 13-year-old son. That she came into this world toughened by the presence of an older sibling, jostling for space in my life & heart. That she only sees a practical, routinized, ‘mommy’ side to me. That I desperately wanted to rectify that before it was too late,” said Mini Mathur.

“I now understand Sairah, my Mini Me, better than I have ever known her. We came back looking at each other with new eyes & I love how she now believes I can make anything a possibility. I do believe this is one of the best family investments I could have ever made. Because bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God. And in both dancing and in travel, flexibility is key!”