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Star World to launch new season of 'The Unit' - Sathish - 09-19-2009

MUMBAI: English general entertainment channel Star World is set to launch the third season of the thriller drama series, The Unit, come 22 September.

The new season, written by David Mamet, will be telecast at 10 pm.

Led by Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert, 24), The Unit centers around an elite special force team and their top secret missions. The programme features both the domestic lives of the team members and their missions abroad.

In the third season, after returning home from a successful mission, the team is catapulted into the firing line once again. On official stand-down from duty pending an investigation, Jonas and his men fall under suspicion of criminal actions.

When the situation escalates to physical assault, the men are forced to use the skills they’ve honed in the field to protect themselves and their families as they race to uncover conspiracy behind the attacks. Meanwhile, the team has growing suspicions that Sergeant Bob Brown may be working as a double agent for the CIA.