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Big FM to provide digital-first programmatic solution for advertisers - nairrk - 03-28-2018

MUMBAI: Reliance Broadcast Network Limited’s Big FM is planning to invest in a robust programmatic solution designed to enhance and catalyse the advertiser experience.

The programmatic solution will provide definitive guidance and market intelligence through the ad inventory buying process. The integrated ad-tech platform will be modelled to achieve faster time to market by ensuring operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The technology-first platform will enable the radio network to unlock the funnel of demand, allowing them to sell ad inventory by offering customized plans based on the target audience (TG), region, city or cluster.

With these platform advertisers from remote locations would also be able to access the portal and leverage these features with ease. The platform offers frictionless login providing an end-to-end solution – from planning, request an audio spot, confirming the release order (RO), to playing the spot and finally generating the invoice. It features Valued loyalty program, a call-centre and an AI empowered chatbot service to ensure comprehensive service delivery to users. Complete access to case studies, upcoming spikes, insights from award-winning campaigns, brand history, spends, available credits, pre-paid and post-paid prices. Last minute inventory buying.

The ad-tech platform will host all the upcoming spikes and shows by BIG FM, aiding brand integration and maximum stakeholder impact. The network has already initiated conversations with leading ad-tech solution agencies like Affle, Surewaves and is looking at launching it soon for all its brand partners.

Reliance Broadcast Network Limited (BIG FM) CFO Asheesh Chatterjee said, “BIG FM’s intention to invest in an ad-tech platform is a defining milestone in our digital-first journey, as we aim to enhance our advertiser experience and integrate it within our technologically evolving ecosystem. The highly scalable platform is revolutionary as it will drive programmatic buying of ad spots and seamlessly lead to linear radio transmission whilst managing peak loads smoothly. By investing in cloud-based services, it’s a step towards being ready for tomorrow’smedia landscape centred on digital consumption. We are already in talks with leading tech partners in this space to help us build a robust programmatic solution.”

The radio network is concentrating its efforts in taking innovation to next level and has been a forerunner across a wide spectrum of areas. BIG FM has undertaken the #SmarterFasterTogether approach whilst successfully setting up a Centre of Excellence (COE), Thwink BIG content studio, and is now aiming BIG by planning to invest in the ad-tech platform; all of which will revolutionize their brand partnerships and advertiser experiences.